Salt sauna

naslovna solna

Salt sauna – beneficial sea climate in home infrared sauna

Take care of your well-being with a positive impact of infrared waves and Himalayan salt.

Fresh and healing sea air is not just a bonus during your vacation on a sea coast. With the salt infrared sauna you can afford it every day at home. Salt infrared sauna combines positive impact of infrared waves and Himalayan salt. It helps clean your body and spirit of toxins and stressful effects of your life.


Integrated evaporator for salt offers salt therapy, which is recognised and used for centuries. Steam from evaporator goes through salt and fills air in sauna with small parts of salt. Inhaling has a beneficial effect on the entire respiratory system as well on the skin and body.


The use of salt sauna (without infra activity) is very beneficial also for children – it is unobtrusive, without side-effects and very effective in treating cold, flu and other respiratory illnesses.


The process of using sauna is the same as in infra sauna. We set the desired temperature and start sauning (max. 30 min). We can use infra and salt sauna at the same time or each function separately.
It is very simple to use. Fill the enclosed ceramic cup with salt and place it onto the grid. You can replace salt with dry herbs or essential oils. Attention – don't add essential oils on salt; they will damage it!



Positive effects:

  • releases negative ions into the air – cleaning, refreshing function
  • micro-particles of salt soften mucus, clean and disinfect respiratory tract
  • prevents the inflammation
  • relieves respiratory diseases (such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.)
  • treats cold
  • positive effects on skin illnesses (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity)
  • helps balancing minerals in body (iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, etc.)
  • minerals coming from the salt in combination with warmth impact the respiratory system and help with allergies
  • cleanses and rejuvenates the skin
  • impacts the lymphatic system, which nourishes the skin, makes it more elastic and radiant
  • helps with chronic stress consequences, reduces tiredness, insomnia, snoring
  • helps with muscles and joint pain, relaxes muscles
  • salt sauna use is also recommended for active people because of increased physical capability and persistence


The use and maintainance of integrated evaporator is very easy. Removable tank can contain 3liters of water. The upper inox grate is suitable for dry herbs, essential oil or ceramic cup, full of himalayan salt.

We can benefit infrared and bio function or each of them separately – you can warm up in infrared sauna, afford yourself aromathic/salt therapy or combine both in healthy and relaxing rithual.

Installation of the newest flat infrared heaters made of carbon that work on a lower temperature and are not hot on touch. Can not cause injuries and burns. Spending time in sauna is more pleasant because the rays eventually heat the whole body and not just parts, like ceramic heaters.

  • 230V electrical power
  • can be placed on any surface
  • does not affect the room, can be used everywhere in your room