Infra sauna

infra savne strus

Warming in an INFRA sauna

Infrared saunes are more and more popular among users because of numerous positive effects. The basic operating principle is direct heating of the body with infrared rays. Sauna temperature is lower (25 – 55°C) and more pleasant for human body. Infrared light is similar to IR sunlight which we can feel every time the sun shines, no matter of the air temperature. It's invisible to the human eye and we feel it like warmth.

The infrared sauna bases are safe and effective infrared heaters, which need to be placed correctly for effective and comfortable use.

They are especially suitable for those who can't stand high temperatures and can`t use classic Finnish saunas. We can spend more time in it, approximately 30 minutes, than cool off slowly.

  • lower temperatures than classical sauna (25­-55°C)
  • reduced electricity consumption ( 1.5 – 2.5 kW power, depends on the cabin size)
  • no preheating
  • it could be placed anywhere in your home
  • easy use and maintenance


  • generally improves well-being, health and strengthens the immune system
  • helps with weight loss and burning calories
  • improves metabolism
  • renews and purifies the skin
  • helps to eliminate cellulite
  • stimulates the blood circulation and elimination of toxins
  • helps with insomnia


Installation of the newest flat infrared heaters made of carbon that work on a lower temperature and are not hot on touch. Can not cause injuries and burns. Spending time in sauna is more pleasant because the rays eventually heat the whole body and not just parts, like ceramic heaters.

  • 230V electrical power
  • can be placed on any surface
  • doesn`t affect the room, ca be used everywhere in your room