Finnish sauna

finska savna savnestrus

Warming in Finnish sauna

Sauna culture comes from the northern countries, specially Finland, that's why the concept of traditional Finnish sauna has been maintained till today. Finnish sauna goes back to the 17th century. Spending time in sauna doesn't have only healing effect, but it includes very important relaxing ritual.

Finnish sauna is the most suitable for people who like high temperatures, the temperature in it rises up to 100 degrees Celsius. Humidity is approx. 10%, if needed, it can be raised by spilling water over hot stones, and we can also add essential oils. Being in a heated place activates similar reaction as fever, which our body uses to naturally defend against different infections. Use of Finnish sauna reduces stress, detoxifies the body as well as prevents cold, asthma and other diseases.

We stay in Finnish sauna for 15 minutes, and then we cool with cold water and rest. The process can be repeated a few times.


  • stimulates the blood circulation and elimination of toxins
  • renews and purifies the skin, it works well with pilling
  • strengths back muscles
  • eases all allergies
  • reduces stress
  • calms the body with aromatic essential oils
  • 230V electrical power for smaller saunas
  • 380V electrical power for saunas bigger than 5 cubic meters
  • ceramic floor surface
  • mountain spruce, aspen or Siberian larch interior
  • exterior of sauna can be finished in modern materials – glass, wood, ceramic, etc.
  • large selection of heaters of Finnish manufacturer HELO