BIO sauna

bio savna savne strus

Warming with BIO sauna

BIO sauna is a newer version of a traditional Finnish sauna; beside a classic Finnish heater it has integrated water tank for extra humidity and more intense sweating impact. The control unit enables increased humidity (temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius) or classic Finnish sauna up to 100 degrees Celsius without added humidity.

People who will enjoy BIO sauna the most are the ones that can't tolerate high temperatures (temperature in it is approximately 60 degrees Celsius, humidity between 40-60%). Humidity and temperature can be regulated depending on the current mood.

Similar as in Finnish sauna, we stay in it for 15 minutes, and then we cool with cold water and rest. The process can be repeated a few times.

  • beneficial effect on the whole respiratory system
  • higher humidity, 40-60%
  • relaxing sauna's ritual
  • stimulates the blood circulation and elimination of toxins
  • renews and purifies the skin, it works well with pilling
  • strengths back muscles
  • eases all allergies
  • reduces stress
  • calms the body with aromatic essential oils
  • 230V electrical power for smaller saunas
  • 380V electrical power for saunas bigger than 5 cubic meters
  • ceramic floor surface
  • mountain spruce, aspen or Siberian larch interior
  • exterior of sauna can be finished in modern materials – glass, wood, ceramic, etc.
  • large selection of heaters of Finnish manufacturer HELO